Goodbye Emerald City

Emerald City Weblog Important Notice: Science Fiction and Fantasy News
I know this is somewhat old news, but the SF/F zine and review site Emerald City will be closing its doors. Cheryl has some good reasons for it, but one baffles me and I wanted to comment on it.

(From her blog)
In addition, over the past year or so I have become very disillusioned about both the quality of my own work and the general usefulness of online book reviews.
I frankly don’t understand this. I do find book reviews useful, online book reviews in particular. I am not necessarily always looking for something on the level of a literary magazine’s view of a novel. Over on livejournal, I appreciate people like my friend Deb’s view of the books she reads, since she has proven to point me to books I have enjoyed many times.
And, I hope, my own book reviews do the same thing, here. So, rest assured gentle readers, I fully intend to keep on reviewing the books I read. I’d probably do it even if no one read my blog, because it serves as a touchstone for ME. I’ve noticed my book tastes have evolved and changed over the years, and book reviews provide a “snapshot in amber” of what they are at that moment.

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  1. Keep it up! I actually do have a list (in Excel, so that makes it official, right? Maybe I should share it as a Google Spreadsheet. [snort, giggle]) of books recommended by friends. While we’ve noted in the past that our tastes collide rarely, I still like to hear about things people are excited about; it makes me a lot more likely to learn about them.

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