Dark Matter!

Dark Matter Exists | Cosmic Variance
No doubt you have seen the news above, that there is now experimental evidence for the existence of dark matter. We still don’t know what its made out of, but the astronomical evidence is now pretty conclusive.
Most of the universe is made up of stuff that we can’t see. I’m reminded of Baxter’s Xeelee universe and the photino birds, myself.

One thought on “Dark Matter!”

  1. yeah No Doubt! Um….
    Ok reading this let me see if I can sum it up. They say Dark matter (and therefore Dark Energy)exsists. Ok. And not only that but there is way more of it then there is ordinary matter. Ok. It doesn’t interact with ordinary matter, doesn’t collide , ect. But does affect gravity and therefore light. Hmmmmm…
    Not only that but doesn’t interact with itself, in a “collision” of two galaxies worth of regular matter, the dark matter doesn’t collide with each other, or anything else. Likewise Dark energy also, doesn’t interact with matter, regular energy, Dark Matter or even other Dark Energy.
    You cant touch it, feel it, smell it affect it, change it. it doesn’t affect anything around it, except for gravity and light waves. You just have to take it on Faith that “they” say it is there.
    And they say Science isn’t a religion…

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