Book Reviews 2006 #48: Dread Empire’s Fall: Conventions of War

The 48th Book on my list this year is the third and last of the Praxis novels by Walter Jon Williams, Conventions of War.

Conventions of War (Dread Empire’s Fall #3)
by Walter Jon Williams
The third Praxis novel takes place on the heels of the second and leaves Gredel, aka Lady Caroline Sula, on Zanshaa facing the arrival of the Naxids, and leaves Gareth Martinez on the ship captained by his aunt-in-law, seeking ways to stop the Naxid war machine.
And so we return to the world of the Praxis for the final time, where an Alien Empire is up for grabs between the ambitious Naxids and their clients, and the Humans who oppose them.
As opposed to the High Culture and Space Battles of the second novel, this novel focuses on Insurgency tactics and Space Battles. The former is chillingly topical, as Lady Sula’s efforts to cause damage and destruction to the Naxids reminded me somewhat uncomfortably of other Insurgencies throughout the world, including Iraq. Still, for all of the limitations imposed on the universe’s technology, making this a deliberately old fashioned sort of space opera, I think this is a feature, not a bug, of Williams’ universe.
I thought the novels, including this one, were great fun and were entertaining, and hit on the themes of sacrifice, love, choices and consequences. Start with the first one, reviewed on this blog last year, and enjoy.

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  1. Hey there-
    Saw your review on the book “Melusine” by Sarah Monette, and really agreed with a lot of what you said, particularly that bit about how you wished she had gone into more depth with regards to the magic system. I felt the same way! I love getting deeply invested in a fantasy world in that way!
    So since I’m in between good books at the moment, can you reccomend any other series that do a great job of explaining their magic systems?
    Elijah 🙂

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