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Hacking NetFlix : Microsoft’s Moore on Xbox Movie Rentals, Netflix
Via Hacking Netflix, an interesting comment about buying movies versus renting them and why Microsoft’s Xbox only allows rentals, not purchases
Moore: We look at consumer behaviour. Of all the movies I’ve watched in my life, there are only about 20 I want to own. My wife drives me nuts. She goes to Costco and buys three movies because they’re only $16. I say, ’But we’ll only watch it once!’ For her it’s a spontaneous purchase. I have boxes of movies that we watch once and never again. We take them to Goodwill. I do Netflix. I watch it, I send it back. I don’t want it in the house.

I don’t completely agree.
While I have been guilty of buying movies that I don’t re-watch enough to justify the original cost, now, when I consider watching a movie, I consider if I am going to conceivably watch the movie a couple of times in the next year. If I am, or if its a movie that I want to watch on demand, I will pick it up. If not, I will let it lie and just Netflix it.

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  1. I consider the collection someone has of videos to be more a factor of whether or not we have common interests than books or music. On the other hand, I like to rewatch things (and reread books) and my “owning” a video is a place of honour for a movie. I’ll go out of a movie theatre or watch something on cable and say, “That’s a buy.”

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