Deja Vu

So, I’ve been on a kick of seeing movies in the theater lately, and yesterday, I saw Deja Vu.
I was entertained, but I was annoyed that, upon reflection, the SF elements of the movie as presented made no sense whatsoever.
Until, this morning, at 5 am, I came up with a theory that explains everything we see. I wouldn’t recommend reading this until and if you see the movie, because it WILL spoil it.

I call this the “co-signed highway theory” of Deja Vu.
Neither theory presented by the time portal users is correct. There are two branches of time, but they remain intermixed until a large event separates them out.
Linearly, what we see is Doug Carlin receiving clues from himself, already transported, which suggests that his trip back is going to be inevitable and happen. The mysterious phone number. The message on the refrigerator. The bloody bandages and cotton balls. The destroyed house and ambulance. I am going to avoid the eddy of the problem of his partner. I think he was destined to die, and the killer just changed it from being on the ferry (with his car) to being killed stalking the terrorist instead.
Now, when Carlin manages to go back in time, he starts playing these things out. He steals the ambulance and causes the wreck of the terrorist’s house. He rearranges the words on the refrigerator. He makes the house lousy with his fingerprints. Claire calls his work because she doesn’t trust Doug, and leaves the fateful message.
And, then comes the big “As/As Not”, the explosion of the ferry itself. Up to this point we have two time streams which are co-signed and things spill back and forth between the two streams. And now, the two Time Streams split as the two co-signed highways go different ways.
In Time Stream One, the original, Doug and Claire fail, and not only does Doug die at the end, but Claire is caught and killed. This Time stream continues on with Doug coming onto the scene, and getting all the clues we’ve already seen and going back in time.
In the new Time Stream Two, Doug and Claire win. Doug from Time Stream One still dies, but we’ve switched onto the other highway at this point thanks to the big change. Claire gets to meet Doug Two, and they can go forward.
Thus, all of the clues left are not for Time Stream Two, but they are for Time Stream One, to make sure that Doug One will go back. Sure, Time Stream Two Doug will get the phone message, and see everything else, but it doesn’t matter. Their world has already been assured back when the Time Streams were co-signed. Doug Two will never likely meet Agent Pryzwarra and company and they have no reason to go poking back in time. If they did, though, they would see some very odd things in the “co-signed” day of multiple time streams.
This way, it all makes sense. It should have been written better to avoid this tortured rationalization for everything, of course. Still, without thinking too hard about this stuff, the movie is entertaining.