Movie Review 2007 #35: Casanova

The recent 2005 telling of the legendary lover, with Heath Ledger in the title role, along with Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons and Oliver Platt

It’s historicalesque, and as historically accurate as, say, Dangerous Beauty. (Perhaps a little less so, even). Casanova tells the story of the title character, and his discovery of a woman he could truly love, in the midst of Carnevale, other suitors, a forced marriage, the Inquisition and other perils.
The movie is a comedy and plays for laughs and the actors have an easy feel for the comedy even if the characters themselves are not written as being overly complex. The movie never takes itself that seriously, employing a pig on a couple of occasions for a laugh. I was amused to see Platt in yet another historical movie set in Venice. This time, though, he plays a far less malevolent character. In truth, even the dangerous and antagonistic Bishop Pucci. He’s made out to be a figure of fun. Omid Djalili, who is otherwise best known for being the warden in the Brendan Fraser version of the Mummy, is great as Lupo, sidekick to Casanova.
Turn off the brain, stop the screaming that you will want at the anachronisms and outright mistakes from history (the balloon for instance) is the only way you can enjoy the movie for the light entertainment that it is.