Star Wars and Me

Today is the 30th anniversary of the original release of Star Wars. I celebrated today by playing a bit of Lego Star Wars II…
Unlike many of my compatriots, I didn’t see the original Star Wars in a theater. I didn’t see the Empire Strikes Back in a theater, either…

The first SW movie I saw in a theater was Return of the Jedi, and that was because my older brother was now old enough to bring me, and my younger brother to the movies with him. My mother and father were not movie buffs, so it fell upon my brother to fill the gap. Return of the Jedi, as it so happens is the second movie I ever saw in a theater. The first, showing my brother’s taste, was “Metalstorm 3-D: The Return of Jared-Sin.”
But between that and SW, there was no chance that with my reading habits that I wasn’t going to get hooked on SF cinema, especially once I became old enough to go on my own to movies.
I finally did get to see SW in a theater, during the Re-release tour in the 90’s. That version of SW, although its the one I own on DVD, annoys me for reasons that you don’t need me to rant upon.