Movie Review 2007 #72: Solaris(2002)

Jumping back to cheerier subjects, the next movie up is the Steven Soderbergh remake of Solaris, starring George Clooney and Natasha McElhrone.

Stanislaw Lem derided this film version of his novel as “Love Story in Space”, since it focuses so tightly on Kelvin and Rheya, as opposed to the original novel (and film)’s emphasis on a wider variety of characters.
Still, this version of the story of the psychiatrist who goes to the space station orbiting the mysterious planet/entity and is reconnected with his lost wife is, in my opinion, well served in this version. The movie does have a slow cadence to it, but its not as mind numbing as the original can be. The score is excellent, and by focusing and focusing deeply on Kelvin and Rheya, the Solaris experience is tightly set.
I loved the score and the visuals to the movie, and the performances are all right. I have learned that the movie was chopped in the editing process, and the movie does come up a bit short in characterization. Still, I really did like this version over the original, even if it is a bit of “Love Story in Space”.
I decided to cast a (dead) mother for a PC based on McElhrone’s performance. Her portrayal of Rheya made her a perfect wife for Brand, I thought.