Five Fictional Characters I want at my side

Here are five fictional characters that I want on my side when the apocalypse comes.
1. Flash Gordon. I need a Big D*mn Hero.
2. Indiana Jones. Because if I need someone to translate an ancient text AND get into the ancient temple to find what it points to, I want Indy.
3. Princess Fiona of Amber. I probably want a sorceress at my back…
4. Samantha Carter of SG-1. Strange alien technology? She’ll figure it out!
5. Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne of Firefly/Serenity. If we have to get off the Earth, I want him as pilot.
Your turn!

One thought on “Five Fictional Characters I want at my side”

  1. 1 Capt. James T. Kirk
    2 James Bond
    3 Gandalf
    4 Ford Prefect
    5 Corbin Dallas
    A tad bit testosterone heavy….

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