Over at Caveat Lector,

Over at Caveat Lector, Dorothea a few days ago mentioned Everway.

I agree with what a lot she has to say. I bought a copy of it online last year, just before it slid out of print. Even sweeter, and just as useful is “Spherewalker” which is a stat-free encyclopedia of ideas for the Everway world–but the ideas definitely have portability to other worlds.

My Everway stuff is still in New York, unfortunately. I look at things like Ginger’s House of Cards and wish I could play or even be in a position to ask. Or at least have my Everway set nearby to mine for some more ideas. A virtue/fault/fate/usuper sort of rubric for all my shadows in The Shadowwalker’s Guide to the Golden Circle, for instance, might be fun.