Movie Review 2007 #142: Ice Pirates

Ice Pirates is a Space opera comedy starring Robert Ulrich and Angelica Huston.

Its a comedy, and not quite a parody, although the writers have an up and down sense of originality in the film.
In the movie’s setting, water is not only rare on one planet, like in Dune, but that rarity is Galaxy wide. In a case of someone randomly picking names from an encyclopedia, Evil Templars from the planet Mithra control the supply of water, transported as ice.
Thus, human greed mandates that there are those who would steal this water…Ice Pirates. Ulrich stars as Jason, whose efforts to lead his crew (including Angelica Huston) to steal ice instead leads to a quest to find the mythical “seventh” world, with a supply of untapped water.
The movie has these pirates use a variety of weapons, including ordinary swords. While this seems a strange decision with a space opera setting, my brother long ago showed me the twisted logic of this. With reflective armor, blasters aren’t always the best choice of weapon. Thus, the Ice Pirates use blasters AND swords.
With small roles for actors like Bruce Vilach, John Carradine and Ron Perlman, the movie is certainly populated with a variety of actors, who do moderately decent work, given the material.
The movie’s humor can be crude and derivative. However, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, and if you don’t take it seriously, either, Ice Pirates might entertain you. If you liked Spaceballs, you might like Ice Pirates. If you disliked Spaceballs, Ice Pirates is definitely not your cup of tea.