Movie Review 2007 #145: Nightwatch

Made in Russia, Nightwatch is a fantasy movie much in the mold of a White Wolf game and is based on a trilogy of Russian SF novels.

A sensation in Russia, Nightwatch is a fantasy movie involving a secret war between two types of special metahumans called the Others. The Light, “Nightwatch”, and the Dark “Daywatch”, keep themselves in a wary state of truce as they go about their lives. These others often make living in history as shamans, sorcerers, vampires, and blessed soldiers, and are usually invisible to all except those of similar nature.
White Wolf, anyone? 🙂
However, this precarious balance in modern day Moscow is unbalanced as prophecy suggests that the appearance of an Other more powerful than any in centuries, and the appearance of a superstorm suggests that the end times for the Others is near…
The movie has a lot going for it. An intricate plot and mythology. Interesting characters. Creative cinematography, metaphorical imagery, and even a very creative use of subtitles makes this a most interesting movie to watch. I liked it, and given the opportunity will buy it.
I understand the sequel is out now, and I have put Daywatch on my Netflix queue, too.

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  1. I want to see this movie again. I enjoyed it the first time, but I want to put more gaming-related filters on it for my second viewing.

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