Auto Paintings

So I got picked to preview and try out Corel Painter Essentials 4.
It’s Corel’s answer, so it seems, to programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements. One of the two major things to do with the program are “auto paintings”, which allow you to take digital images, and alter them to digital works of art.
Here is an example of a “before” and “after” with a picture of one of the Waterfalls in Gooseberry Falls State Park up on the North Shore.

Base Image 1
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Auto Painting 1
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

One thought on “Auto Paintings”

  1. Recent David Letterman Monologue.
    A priceless Monet painting in a Paris museum was damaged when an intruder bashed a hole in the middle. The museum is appealing for the public’s help.
    Announcer: “The Orsay Museum in Paris wishes to bring to justice the culprit who damaged the precious Claude Monet impressionist masterpiece ‘Le Pont d’Argenteuil.’
    Impressionism experts have released this sketch of the suspect.”
    (cut to an Monet-like impressionist-style painting of the perp which is so colorful and non-realistic that it makes the wanted man unrecognizable.)
    “Please contact authorities immediately if you see him. Merci, from the Orsay Museum.”

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