Movie Reviews 2007 #156: The Myth

A movie that looked interesting in Target…but I decided to rent it instead of buying it sight unseen. (And I glad that I did). Starring Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan plays a dual role, of a Ch’in era General and a modern Archaeologist in this complete mess of a movie. Jackie plays Jack, who has recurring dreams of a former life as General Meng Yi, who was sent to escort a Korean Princess, Ok-soo, to the Emperor to be a favored concubine.
Soon, to pursue his dreams, Jack teams up with a physicist friend to find out more, winding up in India, running into a beautiful Indian martial artist, and eventually going to an ancient tomb where the answer to the events in his dreams, and the people behind his friend’s backing collide.
Incomprehensible plot, poor characterization and cardboard characters are major weaknesses of the movie. Sure, there is plenty of action, but the movie is a very bad clothesline for these sequences. Mallika Sherawat as the Indian martial artist is perhaps the best thing in the movie, and she is not on screen long enough. Now *she* would have been a great focus for the film. The princess is all right, but nothing really special.
And I may not be a rocket scientist, but the egregious violations of science (and I am not even talking stunts) really annoyed me.
And worst of all, the ending was a complete let down given everything that had been set up before.
Highly Un-recommended.