Movie Review 2007 #159: Total Recall

Probably my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, with Michael Ironside, Sharon Stone and Ronny Cox and directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Ultra violence and sex. Bad planetary science. Plenty of action. Schwarzenegger one liners.
And Mars. It mostly takes place on Mars.
Even better, like the Truman Show, its strongly influenced by Philip K Dick, built off of a minor story of his called “We can Remember it for you wholesale.”. Schwarenegger plays Douglas Quaid, construction worker whose dreams about Mars actually seem to be repressed memories of a life there as “Hauser”. And when he starts digging into that life…trouble follows.
Sure, the movie has never heard of bulletproof glass. And sure, there is the “Ten second Mars Terraform method”. And lots of other silliness that if the movie was weaker, would sink it completely. However, the movie never lets you pause and think about the silliness while you are watching it, with a double scoop of the flavor of the day: action.
I have a soft spot for the movie, although I imagine that many of my friends and acquaintances probably think I am nuts for liking it.