Movie Review 2007 #160: Robocop

Following the “daisy chain” rule, you can get from my previous viewing, Total Recall, to this movie either by means of the director, Paul Verhoven, or by Ronny Cox, who here plays a black hat just as dark hearted as Vilos Cohagen is in Total Recall.
Robocop stars Peter Weller.

“I’d buy that for a dollar”
With lots of darkly humorous social commentary layered with the violence and action, Robocop is a successful depiction (which has spawned lousy sequels) of a violent, anarchistic future Detroit dominated by a capitalism-run-amok super-corporation.
It’s not such a great world, even beyond the borders of drug and crime ridden Detroit. News anchors report on bad things happening throughout the world, including a city state under siege threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon. Commercials show the abasement of popular culture.
And in this world like a colossus strides OCP, a military-industrial powerhouse whose contract to provide robotic law enforcement goes wrong, and as a backup plan, a cyborg is created of Peter Weller’s Murphy, young cop who winds up close to death after stumbling unprepared into a crime kingpin’s lair.
Robocop tells the story of its newly dubbed titular hero, as memories of who he was clash with his programming and desire for justice and upholding the law. Lots of violence and action, in an over-the-top manner.
In the context of a violent, action movie it explores a lot of ground and themes, in a substantial way. Capitalism, violence, societial values, crime, economics, corporations…there is a lot of fodder here, packaged in a way that provides broad appeal and viewing. The movie simply works on a lot of levels.
It’s a great movie. “I’d buy that for a dollar”, indeed.

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  1. I’ve a “Working Copy” of the movie from some film studio or another, which differs mostly only from having the timing sequence on the screen. But, Robocop almost made it onto my “Top Ten Cheeziest Movies You Still Enjoy,” list.

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