Movie Review 2007 #163: happy Accidents

A time-travel(or is it?) romance, starring Marisa Tomei and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Tomei plays Ruby Weaver, a young woman whose fortune in romance has to been to find men to “fix”, and fail in fixing the string of losers. So, when she runs into the sweet Sam, it seems at first that she’s broken her luck.
However, Sam’s eccentricity soon begins to grate, and when he claims to be a time traveler from five centuries in the future, it seems that her luck has struck again. Because, of course, Sam Deed, even given the strange lacunae in his knowledge, and odd habits, couldn’t possibly be from the future. Could he?
It’s an unabashed romance, complete with a sappy, happy ending. In getting there, though, we get a good character movie, with Tomei and D’Onofrio giving good perfomances as the principals in the relationship.
It’s unusual to see D’Onofrio play a protagonist, even a creepy one, in a movie. Still, he makes Sam Deed work, and we can buy into the plausibilty of his unusual character. I do think the movie does wrap up things too neatly, but the movie is a romance and clearly flags its going to be a happy ending.
Still, it was enjoyable and a bit different.