The decline of SF reviewing at the NY Times

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Via Andrew Wheeler, after months of no columns, the SF reviewer of the NY times pops up again.
Does he review anything? A wrap up of the year in SF?
Just a warmed over list of reading suggestions…for the candidates for president. What is sad is that his caspule summations of the books are often wrong and unintentionally(?) humorous:
To wit

Senator from New York
Should tell reporters she’s read “Dune,” by Frank Herbert: Left adrift to wander in a desert wasteland, the scion of a deposed dynasty retakes the family’s lost throne in thrilling and violent fashion.
Might also consider reading Herbert’s “Children of Dune”: A calculating despot undergoes the ultimate act of political triangulation by transforming himself into a part-human, part-worm creature and going on to rule for what feels like 3,500 years.

My reviews here are not scintillating…but they are better than this dreck. Why doesn’t the NY Times hire me to telecommute and do SF book reviews instead? You’d at least get actual reviews of novels.