New England 38 NYG 35

They had a substantial 28-16 lead, but in the end the NYG couldn’t keep it up, and fell to the first NFL 16-0 regular season team, the New England Patriots.
Now its on to the playoffs for both teams, with the Patriots now a prohibitive favorite to make it 19-0 and a Super Bowl win. However, as tonight’s game proved–it won’t necessarily be a cakewalk for Belichick and his team.
The first victory of the season for the Patriots was at Giants Stadium, 38-14 over the Jets, and now their 16th is at the same place, 38-35 over the Giants.

One thought on “New England 38 NYG 35”

  1. Go New England. I hope they go all the way and make history. Although if they end up playing Dallas in the superbowl I’m going to be torn. Although I’ll still be happy if NE wins.

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