Why did I wait so long… Meme

Have you ever read a classic novel (of any genre) and had the realization, mid-novel “Why did I wait so long to read this?”
Or perhaps it was a classic movie that, in the midst of it, you had the same reaction? Or even a music album of some sort?
I’m having that reaction right now, reading Alfred Bester’s THE STARS MY DESTINATION.
What stories do you have to share of similar experiences?
(Or do it on your own blog/LJ. Think of it as a meme)

2 thoughts on “Why did I wait so long… Meme”

  1. Did you read this book becasue of the upcomeing movie Jumpers?
    I am waiting to see if they credit Bester at all

  2. Partly that, and partly because I received the book as a Christmas present.
    And if Babylon 5 can credit Bester, this movie sure as hell can, too.

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