What drew me into RPGing?

A meme going around. In memory of the late E. Gary Gygax, how did I get into this thing called roleplaying?

Like many things in this world, you can blame my elder brother.
In addition to introducing me to the F/SF genres, he also introduced me to the basic set D&D, and not long later, Advanced D&D (we sort of skipped Expert, as I recall). Luap was my first RPG character, not very original I suppose. My younger brother played for a while, too. My brother and I also met a few gamers in Queens via a BBS. He ran a dream-based scenario once which would prove to be thematically seminal in my own gaming.
We played other games than D&D too–some more RP than others.
I GMed pretty early on, too, running a one-on-one game for a classmate in Junior and High school. In a tip to later indiegaming, my friend and I even experimented with narrative control as regards Hazzard’s story.
My gaming went into a bit of a decline by the early 90’s. The Brooklyn College group was withering on the vine, and there were no real new games that struck me, until one day, I walked into the Compleat Strategist, and found a game based on a beloved series of novels, by a guy named Erick Wujick. What’s more, you could play this on bulletin boards on AOL. While my brother never got into this, I did in a big way, meeting people like my friend Bridgette, and reigniting my roleplaying activities…