Movie Review 2008 #36: Troy (Extended/Director’s Cut)

The Extended/Director’s Cut of the rendition of the epic directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Orlando Bloom,Eric Bana,Brad Pitt and Peter O’Toole, amongst others.

I completely disliked the original cut of this movie, which I went to see in theaters in 2004. Based very loosely on the Greek Myth about what happens when ambition and wife-stealing collide.
So why, do you ask, would I bother watching the extended cut?
Well, readers will recall that I recently reviewed a book by Barry Strauss on the real Trojan War. I was induced, by positive comments in the book and the knowledge that there was a director’s cut of the film, to give it another try.
It’s not perfect, but it’s far more reasonably entertaining than the dreck of the first film. This cut adds about a half hour to the film. In addition, the movie is re-scored and in some cases, the color balance of the film is improved. So its longer, re-sounded and looks brand spanking new.
The new footage comes in drips and drabs, adding much more color and character to the main characters. Odysseus, for instance, is introduced in a much better manner in this version of the film. With the extended cut, the anachronistic pro-atheistic stance that the original film has is much less evident. No, we don’t have any divine interventions or divine entities as characters. But at least this time, the movie doesn’t have that strange anti-religious tone anywhere near to the same degree. And we actually get to really see Troy get sacked in this cut rather than the “breeze over” in the original movie.
The movie is not *strong* in this new cut, but for me, anyway, it was far more palatable and made the movie better.