Movie Review 2008 #39: Bulletproof Monk

Next, a martial arts action movie vaguely resembling Remo Williams or Big Trouble in Little China with its mixture of seriousness, action and humor. Bulletproof Monk stars Chow Yun Fat and Seann William Scott.

The movie begins in Tibet,as Chow Yun Fat plays an apprentice monk ready to be better than his master, and take his place in protecting a scroll which provides the reader with enormous power. Escaping an attack by an obsessed Nazi, sixty years later, still young by the power of the scroll, the monk with no name discovers a “rough gem” in Seann William Scott’s pickpocket Kar, who has raw talent of his own.
And, elderly, the Nazi still schemes to get his hands on the scroll, even as Kar and the Monk’s path also tangles with the daughter of a Russian Mafia head, who may be equally worthy of education…
It’s not great cinema by any event. And I can see how some people might be put off with the tonal shifts, which I think are fine except when they come too fast and furious. Its a mildly entertaining movie which isn’t particularly offensive…or memorable for that matter. It doesn’t rise (or sink) to the level of guilty pleasure or cult classic.