Movie Review 2008 #40: Shaun of the Dead

I’ve waited a long while to see this comedy of a British slacker whose pathetic life gets enlivened by a zombie attack.

Set in London and with a British cast, Shaun of the Dead takes British dry humor and mixes it in with zombies in the story of the titular Shaun. A loser with a crappy job who doesn’t have a clue how to treat his girlfriend, has a mixed relationship with his mother, and generally is down on his life, the movie starts off as British comedy.
While Shaun and his friends are too self absorbed to notice at first, as the movie progresses, hints that something big, and bad is happening starts to impress in on the corners of the movie, until even the self-absorbed and self-pitying Shaun can’t ignore it. The movie then shifts to a zombie movie (with dollops of humor mixed in with the horror) as the attack leads Shaun to possibly get his life going even as the world is ending.
I’ve had several friends and acquaintances tell me that I need to see this movie and now I see how and why. I enjoyed Shaun’s plight immensely. Although the movie starts off slow without a sign of the zombies, the slow build up of the problem is perfectly balanced with the more frentic action and survival as the zombie attack becomes overwhelming.
This movie is and was exactly my type of tea and I’d watch it again. I would and will purchase it at some point. I suspect that most people who read this are exactly the same target demographic who will also like this movie.

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  1. Rent Hot Fuzz by/with Simon Pegg. (Shaun). He also has another movie opening this comeing weekend, and will be playing Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek TOS Prequel.
    Hot Fuzz. You will thank me.

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