Book Review 2008 #32: Selling Out

Selling Out is the second book in Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity series.

Although the book does do some backfill to allow readers to start here, this is really intended for readers who enjoyed the first volume in Quantum Gravity, Keeping it Real. The world after the Quantum Bomb, with Earth (Otopia) rubbing up uneasily against realms of Faerie, Hell, Elementals and Death. Lila Black, cyborg, lover of a half elf, half demon rock star, now with a necromancer’s soul inside of her, is back on the case.
This time, she gets to go to hell. Here, she finds Demonia not to be exactly what she expects, even with the assassination attempts, marriage proposals, political dealings, and very strange customs.
In the meantime, her boyfriend, Zal, has adventures of his own, including an inadvertent trip to the deadly Elemental realms.
More crisp writing. Snazzy world building. Excellent characters who grow and change. And the continuing hintings of an building, big mystery that affects all of the realms in her fractural, fascinating landscape. What’s not to like?
But do try Keeping it Real first, and see if Robson’s brand of near future science fiction/fantasy alchemy is for you.
As for me, I look forward to more work from her.