Movie Review 2008 #66: Wanted

I just missed the start time of Wall-E on Sunday, so I went to see this.
I am pretty sure that I should have waited for the next showing of Wall-E.

There are some good things to the movie. Great set-action pieces. I enjoyed the director’s work in Night Watch and he plays with that sort of stuff here, too. Not all of the action is equally good, there are some scenes with some muddle and confused shots.
Although she is freakishly thin, Angelina Jolie puts in a good performance. Freeman…well, this role reminds me of his role in Dreamcatcher or Hard Rain: he’s better than the material around him. Ditto for Terence Stamp.
And then it gets ugly. A lot of this plot is just a mess, to say nothing of the moral issues, which the movie doesn’t seem to decide what it wants to believe. And I am not sold on a reveal that causes a re-evaluation of earlier events. Looked in a linear fashion after the fact, I don’t buy the plot.
And then there is the misogyny. It was odious how this script treats its female characters. (And there are, besides Jolie’s dominatrix-as-trainer, only two, plus a walk on). I have female friends who I wouldn’t blame for walking out of this movie.
I was hoping for something as turn-off-brain-and-enjoy-the-improbable-action along the lines of Shoot Em Up. I didn’t get it.