Books Read so Far this year (as of July 3 2008)

Since we’re halfway through the year…
33 Whiskey and Water, Elizabeth Bear
32 Axis, Robert Charles Wilson
31 Selling Out, Justina Robson
30 The Shadows of God, Gregory Keyes
29 The Code Book, Simon Singh
28 The Last Dragon, J M Mcdermott
27 The Gist Hunter and Other Stories, Matthew Hughes
26 Majestrum, Matthew Hughes
25 Dzur, Steven Brust
24 Galactic Empires, Gardner Dozois (editor)
23 The Twisted Citadel, Sara Douglass
22 Little Brother, Cory Doctorow
21 The Martian General’s Daughter, Theodore Judson
20 The Gate of Gods, Martha Wells
19 A World too Near, Kay Kenyon
18 In the Courts of the Crimson Kings, S.M. Stirling
17 Reaper’s Gale, Steven Erikson
16 The Merchants War,Charles Stross
15 Silverlock, John Myers Myers
14 The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde
13 The Dragon’s Nine Sons, Chris Roberson
12 A Shadow in Summer, Daniel Abraham
11 The Eternity Artifact, L.E. Modesitt
10 Wolf Who Rules, Wen Spencer
09 Hiding in the Mirror, Lawrence Krauss
08 The Stars my Destination, Alfred Bester
07 Opening Atlantis, Harry Turtledove
06 Death by Black Hole, Neil DeGrasse Tyson
05 Now in Theaters Everywhere, Kenneth Turan
04 Never Coming to a Theater Near You, Kenneth Turan
03 Plague Year, Jeff Carlson
02 Writers of the Future Volume XXIII, Algis Budrys (editor)
01 The Trojan War a new history, Barry Strauss