Movie Review 2008 #69: The Faculty

A little horror movie set in the frightening world of high school, with some pre-stardom roles for Famke Janssen, Elijah Wood, Jon Stewart, and Josh Hartnett amongst others.

With a decent cast, the movie takes a familiar Body Snatchers plotline and makes it a a good and fun popcorn movie. Only a set of outcast students at the school start to guess what is going on, as the discovery of a strange organism on campus progresses to a full on horror movie as converted students and teachers start taking over everyone.
There is a lot of derivative scenes and ideas in the movie, from obvious “twists” to scenes practically lifted from previous movies of this type. You probably could run a drinking game based on this movie and get yourself hammered easily.
Still, even with that, with good actors, a lot of sins can be forgiven, and I do. I was entertained by the film. If you like (teenage) horror movies, the Faculty is certainly better than many of the paint-by-numbers “Scary Movie N” movies that seem to dominate the genre these days. There is an actual plot and characters rather than a clotheslines for pop culture references.
I enjoyed it.
And who wouldn’t have wanted Jon Stewart as their HS Science teacher, eh?