I am PrinceJvstin even more than Jvstin…?

Googling “Jvstin” (my nom de plume on the Internet since there WAS an internet, brings up all sorts of characters besides me.
However, “PrinceJvstin” reliably and always brings up things relating to yours truly.
So Why Jvstin? And why PrinceJvstin?
I’ve answered this question before, but it amuses me to answer it again, especially for those in the studio audience not aware of the answers.
I was unfortunately not given a middle name. My older brother got one via the sacramental process in the Catholic church. By the time I was born, my Mother and Father had a lot less interest in having me go through the rigamarole. Why this is, perhaps my older brother can tell me.
Anyway, I’ve always wanted a middle name. I even created one in junior high. It was an ill chosen name that got me teased for the poor choice. (it was Douglas, okay, leading to taunts of “Dougie Fresh”).
So, Douglas would never be my middle name. When I was older, I came up with the idea that, unofficially (because to change it legally would be a pain), that my middle name would be Justin. Why *Justin*? Romanophilia, of course.
My first RPG character of any stripe was named “Justin of Aragorn”.
Anyway, when webpages and the internet took off, I wanted something other than my raw name to call myself out here. Justin itself was too common (I did actually have it on AOL as a s/n, but lost it). Furthering its romanization, I changed a u to a roman v, and Jvstin was born.
Over the years, though, other people have had the name idea of changing the u to a v…so, when I joined LJ, I decided to tack on the prince. Arref may think I am a prince amongst men, but the reason why I picked prince was a tip of the hat to my favorite literary universe: The Chronicles of amber.
And thus, PrinceJvstin.