And McCain’s VP choice is…

John McCain’s pick for VP is none other than Michael Palin. Excellent! As much as I like Monty Python, I think his travelogues show a world experience necessary in a…
Oh. *Sarah Palin*, not Michael Palin. From the State of Alaska.
Well,well,well. Second Female VP choice, first from the Republicans. We now, in terms of area, have VP choices on either side from the smallest state, and the largest state.
In football terms, Sen. McCain is trying to throw a flea flicker here. Will it work? I have no idea.

One thought on “And McCain’s VP choice is…”

  1. Uhm, Rhode Island is the smallest state, not Delaware. 🙂
    Actually so far, I’m inclined to think Michael Pallin may have been a better choice though perhaps not quite as entertaining.

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