Movie Review 2008 #72: Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory is a wannabe medieval sex comedy starring Haydn Christansen and Tim Roth.

Intending to inhabit the same territory as Casanova and a Knight’s Tale (both starring the late Heath Ledger), this is a moderately entertaining (intentionally?) anachronistic teenage sex comedy. The plot is pointless to describe, involving a woman betrothed to two men, Haydn as a playboy who winds up hiding in a convent with sex-crazed nuns, gratiutious nudity, and a not-in-this-world Russian count who seems to have the only firearm in Florence.
It is all very silly, sillier I think than even the intention of the producer and director. The direction itself is lackluster, the fighting scenes not very well done.
There is a fair amount of luminous young female beauty in the movie (and I suppose the male leads might appeal to those of the fairer gender). Aside from that eye candy, there is not much else to commend watching this film.
It wants to be as good as the movies cited above, but it doesn’t manage to do it.