Morning Reflection on the Election

So we’re going to have an articulate President who happens to be African American.
To quote Michael Ironside in Total Recall: “It’s about godd*mn time!”.
(Hey, there’s a meme for you who are reading this. Take a movie quote that doesn’t explicitly have anything to do with politics, and apply it to the election)
My map was very conservative. As of writing this post, Obama has 349 EV, with NC (15)and MO (11) too close to call.
On the other hand, progress doesn’t always happen smoothly, or everywhere. Here in Minnesota, a third party (Independence Party) candidate was a factor in allowing Senator Coleman to survive a challenge from Al Franken. (They have a mandatory recount, but I don’t expect it to change the very close result in favor of Coleman).
What unfortunately disturbs me is that, on the Anderson name alone, an independent candidate not even endorsed by the IP party took 10% of the vote in my Congressional district–and so Michele Bachmann is returning to Congress.
Still…I’d rather have President Obama and Congresswoman Bachmann rather than President McCain and Congressman Tinklenberg.
What disturbs me more than Bachmann though is the prospect that Prop 8 in California is currently ahead. I have my fingers crossed that intolerance will not win the day.