’s best F/SF of the year

November begins the season where various outlets give their “best of” of various sliced up portions of media. Best games. Best books. Best books in various categories. has their list of Best F/SF novels of the year. Half of these I have never heard of (and via Locus and other outlets, I consider myself well informed on the F/SF novel front). The list does include Banks, and Stephenson, and Novik and Jeffrey Ford, though.
However, #6 on their list is “Last Dragon” by J.M. McDermott. Readers of this space will recall that I did read an ARC of that novel this year, and thought it absolutely ailed as a literary work. It’s style was a failure, rather than a triumph, and did not but obfuscate a story in a way that only people like Gene Wolfe manage to do with success.
6th best F/SF novel of the year? No, sorry,, I don’t think so!