Netflix One of my Christmas


One of my Christmas gifts, thanks to the inestimable Bridgette, was a three month subscription to the DVD rental-by-mail service Netflix. I’m sure that you have seen their pop-up ads.
The funny thing is, so far, I’ve had a decent experience with them. The mailing time for some of their DVDs has been very inconsistent (sometimes getting a DVD mailed later before one mailed earlier) but the mail around here is kind of kooky. I’ve avoided going for new releases on the theory that they will be the hardest to rent due to popularity. The way it works is, you can have up to three (sometimes four I’ve noticed) DVDs out at any one time…and as they receive them back from you, they send you another. Thus there are no late fees, but if you hold onto those DVDs, you won’t ever get new ones.
So what have I seen thus far? Well, the following movies/DVD’s:
Dangerous Beauty
Shakespeare in Love
The Prisoner (Episode 1)
The Five Doctors (Doctor Who)
Flash Gordon (The 1980 movie)
Three Musketeers (1974 version)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Mask of Zorro
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
The Man who knew too little
I’ve been stealing ideas from things like ginger’s recent WISH on movies for gamers, as well as movies I’ve wanted to see, see again, etal. Any ideas you have I would greatly appreciate.