NYG 37 Arizona 29

NYG 37 ARI 29
Who are you and what have you done with my NY Giants?
Despite phantom Pass Interference calls which drove me mad (ask the Olsons!), another good performance from the defending Superbowl Champions. This is a post-Superbowl year, guys. You usually have no business being on the north side of a winning season, to say nothing of arguably being the best team in football. I’ll say that again. The Giants are arguably the best team in football. As far as the other great team in football, the Titans…
Have I gone in the Wayback machine to 1986, when both the Giants and Jets started off great? The Jets knocked off the previously unbeaten Titans preventing the Thanksgiving matchup of a 11-0 team with a 0-11 team (they are playing the Lions). It would have been the first time a 11-0 team faced a 0-11 one.
Back in 1986, the Giants went straight to the Superbowl; Jets went from 10-1 to 10-6,. and if not for being unable to beat Cleveland in double overtime, might have gotten at least to the championship game, if not to the Superbowl, too?
This is all a lovely dream and I am expecting a couple of teams to ruin it yet. But right now, its a good time to be a Giants fan…or a Jets fan, God help them.