Walmart Tragedy

Sought: Wal-Mart shoppers who trampled NY worker
When I first heard about this, yesterday, I heard that someone had been trampled. “That is unfortunate” I thought, conjuring images in my mind of the basement of Macy’s, and other crowded situations.
When I heard the worker had been killed, I got angry. These people weren’t trying to escape a fire, a flood, armed gunmen…they were trying to get into a store to buy items.
No excuse, whatsoever. I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

One thought on “Walmart Tragedy”

  1. I agree completely. If we were in a third world scenario and they were breaking down the door of a Super Wal-Mart to obtain food, water, toiletries, etc., it would be a completely different situation.
    But what we have is fat, happy, Thanksgiving-stuffed morons who “stormed the barricades” of a store to get 20% a Thing and killed someone making $10/hour with which to support their family. Consumerism has gone too far. Consume, consume, consume, you fat bastard, as much food as you can and then, sans digestion, rush to the stores and consume, consume, consume, you fat bastard, as much product as you can. God knows we need the surge in the war on Wall Street.
    I am not Anti-anything here despite how this may sound. I am sounding off from an angle of common sense which I think has been lost on an entire generation. The shoppers have missed the point of Christmas, religious ramifications or not. Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers: FAIL! Attention Wal-Mart: FAIL! Maybe stores don’t need to open at 3 am and create such demand for a $3 laptop of which they only have 9 of in the entire region anyway. How about giving good deals all day, open a couple of hours early and enjoy the success. Or at least issue in line vouchers as Best Buy has had to learn in recent years.

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