Television Tropes Wiki

Have you heard of the Television Tropes Wiki?
I think I came across it via I09 or Sf Signal. It’s basically a wiki which deconstructs genre conventions in television (and by extension) other media as well.
It’s a big wiki, and not as formal as Wikipedia, but its a lot of fun to read through–and its given me ideas for things to netflix.
I was thinking that some of my RPG characters fit into these tropes rather well…

Some examples:
Hadrian of DuMarque,currently an NPC in Strange Bedfellows has elements of the Naive Newcomer. He’s young, new to Amber, and not yet proved himself.
Zavier Harrison of Exodus has some elements of that. He’s also a Cunning Linguist(with a taste for French). He (and most of my characters for that matter) are The Smart Guy
Scipio, until he died, in my Exalted game, managed to be Affably Evil. (He was an Abyssal Exalted, after all). He also might be a Magnificent Bastard.
Cazaril is a BigBrother Mentor to Alex in Strange Bedfellows.
Lorius. My favorite character in any medium. I often play him as the Plucky Comic Reliefwith his over the top antics. I think its the floating. People just key on that.
Did I tell you all that in the Exalted game I run that he is trying to invent Baba Yaga’s Hut? As a spell? (He was tired of being dragged around by the PCs and camping out all the time. So he’s decided to fix this problem in the classic Lorius way. Magic.) Yes, Lorius is always Too Clever by Half in any medium.
And there are many others.