GB 31 Detroit 21
Why, gentle reader you may ask, am I blogging about the GB-Detroit game rather than the Giants loss (boo, hiss) to the Vikings?
Why, because the Lions made history. Last year, we had a team have a perfect regular season–the New England Patriots. (Who are not going to the playoffs this year. Joy!).
This year, we also have a team with a perfect regular season–perfect in the sense that for the first time since going to 16 games, a team has lost every game. That team is the hapless Detroit Lions.
So we congratulate the Lions for their singular haplessness. However, they still have one more NFL futility record that is not yet theirs! In 1976, their inaugural year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 0-14, the only other team in the Modern Era to go winless. However, in 1977, that same team started the next season 0-12 before finally winning, for a total losing streak of 26 games.
So, the Lions still have to lose their first 11 games next year to break *that* record.