Accents and language

Sneakel asked:
Just curious. Do you actualy say “You betcha?” Do you say it with a
Staten Island/Brooklyn Accent?

Only as homage to my adopted hometown. I don’t truly grok it as part of my vocabulary, per se, and it sounds a bit silly coming out of my mouth. As far as my accent–according to reports from people who have known me here for several years, I seem to be losing my (never entirely strong) NY accent. For a while I protested that I really had an accent–and now it seems it is fading.
On the other hand, NY culture runs strong in my blood. I get into good natured arguments about the right form and style of pizza, to say nothing of bagels, and clam chowder…

One thought on “Accents and language”

  1. There is only one correct form and style of pizza. It should be sliced into Eight’s. With this you should be able to fold it in half and the tip of the triangle should droop, slightly. The Crust should be firm but chewy and enough sauce to make it piping hot, and fully covers the dough. Toppings of choice, but pepperoni is the classic. There is no other cheese than Mozzerella. Enough of to be stringy.
    That is Pizza. Anything else, simply isn’t.

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