Gaiman wins Newberry, Minnesota tries to claim him as one of their own

Author Neil Gaiman’s spooky book wins Newbery honor
As you have seen elsewhere, Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book” has won the ALA’s Newbery award, adding yet award to the ever lengthening list of awards won by one of the best F/SF authors of this generation.
What amuses me is the tendency and propensity for Minnesota to claim people as their own. I’ve noticed that MPR likes to do articles on actors and authors with what they call “Minnesota connections”. (The Coen Brothers get a lot of love in this regard) Gaiman falls into this category–even though he really lives in Western Wisconsin.
Now, if I could somehow get local F/SF authors like Lois Bujold and Lyda Morehouse to the attention of MPR, maybe they could get some press for *their* books. The Wyrdsmiths (the Twin Cities Speculative Fiction Writers Group) has a nice little nest of authors, and before I even knew there was a group, I managed to read books by a number of them.