My Super Bowl XLIII Pick…

Now that we are in the home stretch of the Super Bowl week(s) its time for
me to make my Super Bowl Pick.
First, let me say that I would pay money to see the scenario envisioned by Gregg Easterbrook., where he once again suggests that Kurt Warner is an alien, the Cardinals could win the Super Bowl with him, and he will be beamed aboard a starcruiser after he gets the Lombardi trophy.
*That* would be cool. I have to admit that even without the alien trappings, the idea of a Cardinals Superbowl win would be one of the most improbable events in 43 Super Bowls. It would be a Super Bowl win for the ages–the year after my Giants made one for the ages by beating the Patriots. Can we be lucky two years in a row??
Unfortunately, I think the “two weeks off” is going to cool the red hot Cardinals, and we’ll get a plodding victory by the Steelers. It won’t be anywhere near as entertaining as one might hope.
Pittsburgh 24 Arizona 16

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