For Nearly Half of America, Grass Is Greener Somewhere Else; Denver Tops List of Favorite Cities

Pew study on cities
A new national survey by the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends project finds that nearly half (46%) of the public would rather live in a different type of community from the one they’re living in now — a sentiment that is most prevalent among city dwellers
The Top three cities in the survey are Denver, San Diego and Seattle.
The bottom three cities are Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland.
Minneapolis is just above these three, and Kansas City, fifth from the bottom of the list of 30 cities.
The five least popular big cities — Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City and Minneapolis — are all in the Midwest. These attitudes reflect what government data indicate about the nation’s migration patterns: Americans are leaving the Northeast and the Midwest in favor of the South and the West.