Dr. Tyson on Midmorning MPR–I get a question on again

Midmorning on MPR: Dr. Tyson
Readers of this space know that I listen to MPR complusively, and that they encourage online questions to their guests.
Today, Dr. Tyson of the AMNH’s Planetarium “The demoter of Pluto” was on at 9am. I threw a couple of questions at him, and they picked one to ask him.
My question came up at around the 48 minute mark of hour one, but its a fascinating conversation that is complusively listenable.
(FWIW, I asked about a theoretical idea–if Mars were put in the Kuiper Belt, by the “clear the orbit” test, it might not be a planet. Would it lose its planet status? Dr. Tyson gave an illuminating and thought provoking answer.