I went to see Inkheart today.
Rick Norwood’s review on SF Site sums it up pretty well.. It was a pretty good movie, but it never really *sings*. The direction and choices could have been a lot better, and there is a lot less fantasy in this movie than one might expect, think, and especially want. We only get hints and glimpses of the fantastic, the movie is surprisingly mundane given its premise.
I can definitely see why the author (Cornelia Funke) envisioned Brendan Fraser in this role–he does do the role very well and rises above the material when and where he can. Serkis as the villain does fine too. I was less happy with Bettany’s character because I don’t think his conflicted loyalties really came across well (direction, again). Also its clear that there was a tacked on ending-to-the-ending that differs from the novel. Again, I think this could have been done better than it was.