The Man from Earth

Somehow, I don’t remember the exact chain, I came across the existence of this little movie written by Jerome Bixby (of Twilight Zone fame). It’s a small “conversation” movie revolving around a group of friends who are seeing off one of their fellows who is moving away suddenly…and who reveals a shocking secret.

John Oldman poses what seems to be first an intellectual exercise. What if a man born in the Upper Paleozoic, 14,000 years ago, never died and lived to the present day. How could that work. What would he have seen? What would he be like?
As John spins out the idea and his friends listen and respond, John reveals that this IS the case–he was born 14,000 years ago, and has somehow lived to the present day.
The reactions range from disbelief, to shock, to outright denial, especially when John reveals some of what he has seen and done in those millennia.
The filming and cinematography are relatively poor (or perhaps it was just the DVD transfer). The acting itself is rather wooden (even the more experienced actors, like John Billingsley and William Katt) and not very evocative. However, even given those two major flaws, the movie works and thrives on its premise. What if a caveman DID live that long. Not a genius or Superman but just an ordinary guy?
So the movie is not really so much science fictional as it is philosophical and meditative. It was thought provoking and works through the implications of the premise. On those grounds, I highly enjoyed the film and recommend it to all of you.