88 Degrees That’s the current

88 Degrees
That’s the current temperature here in Orange, Ca.
The normal temperature for this time of the year is just below 70…so it’s hot, even for warm and sunny Orange County. Even in a mild El Nino year, this is only the fourth January on record (in 125 years of measurement) without rainfall. Dry and warm. Paradise to some, Californians south of the mountains love this weather. The ski resorts, however (and there are ones close to the LA Basin) are hurting badly in this weather. Their cold and snow and such are dictated by height, not by latitude. The Tehachapis are pretty darned tall, it took some getting used to when the forecasters would talk about snow “at the 5000 foot level”. There ARE no mountains that tall, back in New York.
So when it is dry and warm like this, the ski resorts can’t even make snow effectively, like their counterparts elsewhere. The news shows the lifts, empty and stalled, the mountainsides bare.
Anyway, Californians seem to believe as a general rule that snow and cold are things to visit rather than experience. Its kind of sad, really, and they really do complain at temperatures that would make a New Yorker laugh, to say nothing of my friends in Michigan and Minnesota. 50 degrees is NOT cold and yet my co-workers complained the other day as we toured the finally finished physical plant because the plant is open to the outside air and a raw wind came through. From their expressions, you’d think it was below freezing. I found it bracing.
Thankfully, this weekend will be cooler, dropping back down toward the low 70’s. Still, I MISS snow. After the last rainstorm in December I could see some snow on the tops of the Tehachapis (I can see them from work, there is a good view). But there is, as I said, none there now.