Prim Perfect Issue 16 Out Now!

Prim Perfect now has its St. Patrick’s Day issue out!
Spring is coming and St Patrick’s Day is here! So where but Dublin could we go this month?
Dublin in Second Life has a fascinating story to tell – one of the oldest and strongest communities in Second Life, it reflects not just so many people’s love of the Irish past and culture, it also reflects the leading European capital that Dublin has become, at the forefront of technology and business opportunities. Join us as we explore the different layers of Dublin, encounter some of the people who make up its enthusiastic community – and meet the man behind the city, the phenomenal Ham Rambler.
My contribution this issue is a tour of things to see in SL Dublin. What did I like? Read the issue and find out!
And don’t miss our Dublin Townhouse, designed by Dellybean North. Our reporter Ceejay Writer interviewed Dellybean and also took a look at the gorgeous townhouse she has furnished. And you will have a chance to win a month’s free accommodation there – if you enter our Star Competition – this month’s Treasure Hunt. You can also learn how our last month’s winner has found a beautiful home for a month in the lovely Dans Les Montagnes sim.
So how can I get Prim Perfect?
If you prefer to read the magazine online but not inworld, there are choices. Firstly, there’s the wonderful Calaméo system, which allows you to moves smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You’ll find Issue 16 here – and please do leave a comment!
But, if you like to download your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever, you can also obtain a standard pdf for downloading and printing.
It is also available through XStreet (just search on either site for Prim Perfect). This will deliver you a copy in the form of a Thinc book that you can rez and read inworld.
Another inworld option is to buy from our inworld vendors (located at various stores). Sometimes we have had problems with these, but you can help! If you see a vendor still selling an earlier issue, contact, and we’ll send someone to update it.
We also have subscribe-o-matic kiosks throughout Second Life (these are taking over from our older vendors) – so you can just click to subscribe. You’ll be sent a copy of the latest issue, and then you’ll receive your issues regularly!
Or you can have it delivered to you each month as a Thinc Book, by joining the Prim Perfect Readers group inworld. It costs nothing to join and, apart from delivering the magazine each month, we won’t overload you with chat or messages!
In addition to delivering the Thinc Book version of the magazine, you’ll also get a link to the online Calaméo version of the magazine, so you’ll be able to access that too.
How to Join Prim Perfect Readers
Inworld, open Search.
Search Groups for Prim Perfect Readers.
Click to join
So … enjoy! And let us know what you think of our new edition!