Franken wins race. Should Coleman appeal?

After a trial spanning nearly three months, Norm Coleman’s attempt to reverse Al Franken’s lead in the recount of the U.S. Senate election was soundly rejected today by a three-judge panel that dismissed the Republican’s lawsuit. Unanimously.
Coleman has been ordered to pay Franken’s legal costs.
Al Franken has won the election. Should Coleman appeal?
My thoughts below.

As always, the instructive thing to do here is to reverse the roles in a hypothetical situation. Suppose Coleman had pulled ahead after those additional ballots were issued. Or, perhaps, Coleman was ahead all this time and Franken had brought the challenge. After the ruling, would I want Franken to appeal?
I find in my heart–no. I would not want Franken to appeal after all this time. I would urge Al Franken to not go to appeal. The reason is simple. It’s been months since the election, and poor Amy Klobuchar is overworked as our lone senator. Sure, the loser, Coleman in our world, Franken in my gedankenexperiment, would have the *right* of appeal.
But just because there is a right doesn’t mean it should be exercised. I am reminded of a recount in the Governor’s race in 1962 between Lt. Governor Karl Rolvaag and Governor Elmer Andersen. The ultimate loser of the recount and court challenge, Andersen, did NOT appeal it (even though he could), and gave up for the good of the state.
I think Norm Coleman should emulate the late Gov. Andersen and not pursue an appeal, for the good of the State of Minnesota. I would hope, in my gedankenexperiment, that Al Franken would have and would do the same, and in that gedankenexperiment world, I would urge Al to give up his right of appeal.
Minnesota needs two Senators. Period. It’s been long enough.

4 thoughts on “Franken wins race. Should Coleman appeal?”

  1. As long as there are judges, Acorn, and democrats, conservatives have to fight back. That is our only choice. Sure we made mistakes in the past, but now, the democrats are ruining everything and without a fight, we might as well turn over our country to the communists and let them have it. Obama is a communist, but he will never call himself one. It would scare the daylights out of most people. His actions speak for him. I don’t listen to him anymore because who knows when he is telling the truth. I try not to listen to liars!

  2. Henry Flynn, the insanity of your own words will brand you for the ignorant hate monger you clearly are. I truly wonder where people get such ideas. Who is putting these ideas in your head? After 8 years of the worst government, largest deficits in US history — these are the words you use to describe the man who won the election and yet got all these problems dumped on him by Republicans. You’re insane…

  3. What isn’t over is the partisan warfare. Coleman giving up allows Franken to be seated-yet another Deomcrat to vote. I submit, that a one party rule isn’t something even the victorious Dems are looking for. The bottom line is, however, irrespective of who eventually wins we will have a larger, more inefficient, and more intrusive government

  4. You seem to forget–that’s how the people voted! They elected Obama—the judges say the people elected Franken. Who are the Republicans to say the people are wrong! There was Republican control of Congress for nearly 18 years and Republicans didn’t have a problem with that. Look at where Republican one party rule has taken the country–into RUIN! And still you argue….insanity

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