Arref’s Blog continues to impress.

Arref’s Blog continues to impress. He really is using the Blog to its hilt…highlighting the gems and gems-in-the-rough that he has
found for the rest of us.
So I will share something, myself, today. A NEW review of ADRPG, over at Read the review..
Interestingly, the author of the review said that he received a copy from the author, i.e., Erick Wujick. I never thought of him as someone to hand out Amber DRPG books for review, but there you go.
Work and time has stymied me, and so Marcus’ story languishes. Actually its a matter of keyboard time. I seem to have all sorts of ideas when I am walking to work, etal. For example, I think I know now pretty much what i want to run for Ambercon 2002. The irony is, I don’t have a title, which is what I usually have first.
I would like to have had Bonnie, and Ray, and Anne play in this, but its not going to happen, alas. Hopefully people like Bridgette, Mike, and other members of my circle will, as well as others.
Details on a site for my con game to come soon. I am going to borrow a couple of ideas, and give bonus points to players for submitting characters before the con (given the nature of the game, it is much easier for me), and I will give every PC a single point they can ONLY use to describe one “skill” that their character is the sine qua non of. The best archer, or blacksmith, or pilot. That sort of color will help me in the game, too, and it helps flesh out those who do not bring fully formed characters.