One of the people in this Youtube Video is baffled.
And the person in this video who thinks the Nobel Prize winning Energy Secretary is baffled is really the person who really doesn’t understand what is going on:

Maybe the standards in the district that Representative Barton went to school are low. It’s possible. I just know that my High School science teachers in Susan Wagner H.S. would have had my head for not knowing about Plate tectonics.
Although this is a short snippet of the conversation, I suspect I can piece together from context what Rep. Burton is lamely trying to get at. He’s trying to suggest that climate change is okay, because it was warm in Alaska in the past.
What Rep. Burton probably doesn’t know is that at the same time, sea levels were so high that there was an interior seaway across a swath of North America. Maybe he never heard of the book “Oceans of Kansas” either. (A book that I must get and read one of these days, I’ve heard very good things about it)

One thought on “Bafflement”

  1. Rep. Burton is a Global Warming Deniest. And listening to the snide comment he made about continental drift I am pretty sure that he is a YECh (Young Earth Creationist). Someone who unreasonably believes that the earth is 6000 years old and that the entire fossil record came from Noah’s leaky Myth-boat.
    Right now a conservative war is going on in TX. to control the school board and back door Intelligent Design into the school curriculum. Check out ARON RA’s and National Center for Science Education YouTube channel about this fight.

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